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Past Performances

Steve Chicoine presented a lecture entitled “George Mallon, World War One Medal of Honor Winner and the First Man Buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery” at the Brown County Historical Society in New Ulm, Minnesota as the first in our World War One Speaker Series. His engaging hour long presentation was densely filled with information about this war hero’s life and provided background information to make the presentation meaningful to the audience. Both WWI historians and those who are just beginning to learn about this period in our history attended and participated. The presentation was accompanied by well chosen visuals and brought Mallon’s story to life with quotes from those who knew him and humorous anecdotes which made for a lively lecture. At the conclusion of the presentation, Mr. Chicoine answered questions and engaged in conversation with audience members. The discussion continued for most of a second hour, which was certainly a testimony to the quality of the presentation and the interest generated by it.

Yvonne Weber, Secretary, Brown County Historical Society Board of Trustees

Evaluations from the audience: “-Tremendous presentation!”; "Very good speaker; nice presentation”; "I have been reading about WWI for over 50 years but still learned many things about the war today”; "Made me want to check out books on this topic”; All positive reviews, none negative in the least.

See the review of the presentation by a reporter of the New Ulm Journal, click here.

Steve was a featured speaker at the University of Minnesota Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Fall Information Fair and Luncheon on August 19th 2014. Several hundred were in attendance. The event was a kickoff for the 2014 - 2015 OLLI season.

Steve Chicoine taught an eight-week course THE CIVIL WAR BEYOND BATTLE AND GENERALS - TEXAS UNIONISTS through the University of Minnesota Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to over seventy faithful attendees who enthusiastically participated in questions and discussions.

Postscript: The class was supposed to be limited to sixty, but over seventy faithfully attended class each week and enthusiastically participated in class discussions.

Class Reviews:

I would like to put in a word of praise for an outstanding instructor, Stephen Chicoine. Recently, I completed a course through the University of Minnesota on the Civil War Period, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Stephen Chicoine was the instructor. I am a retired teacher who spent 34 years working with junior high students. During my career I have observed hundreds of high school and college instructors. I would rank Stephen's teaching style and organizational skills to be among the very best I have observed. Any program looking for a speaker or instructor would be indeed fortunate to have Stephen Chicoine. -- Chuck Perkins, Belle Plaine

As part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program, I attended an eight week program presented by Mr. Stephen Chicoine about the Civil War. I have been a member of the Twin Cities Civil War Roundtable, and The Harold C. Deutsch WW II History Roundtable for many years. I have also completed eleven years of postgraduate education. In my 30 year career, I have attended some 75 to 100 hours of coursework a year. In all this time I have never encountered an educator more dedicated and informed than Mr. Chicoine. His presentations required extensive research and were not merely regurgitations of the writings of others. I can truthfully say that I have never learned more in any of the presentations I have encountered over the years. Not only were Mr. Chicoine’s presentations enlightening, there were also well organized and professionally presented in such a manner to keep his audience closely involved throughout. I cannot recommend Mr. Chicoine’s presentations too highly and in fact have taken every opportunity to speak his praises to all those I know interested in the Civil War History and OLLI. I look forward to being able to hear more from Mr. Chicoine in other programs. --Dennis J. Callahan M.D.

I love coming to your class every week. Today's account of the First Minnesota at Gettysburg was fascinating and so well taught. I appreciated the beautiful maps that went along with your lecture. It made it easy to follow and understand … I appreciate so much learning from you, because not only are so supremely knowledgeable, but you love your subject and communicate with enthusiasm. Thank you for all you do to prepare for us.

I find your class a wonderful source of information.

Steve’s encyclopedic knowledge of the subject was most impressive, as was his skill at making the subject interesting with anecdotes and film. I was particularly impressed with his descriptions of the main themes of the war, including root causes and campaigns

I really enjoyed the class. Not just your enthusiasim but the breadth of your knowledge. Well worth my time.
- Jim Chucker

I thought it was so helpful to hear your explanation. It was something I never understood. I am a retired high school biology teacher so exploring history in OLLI has been wonderful. I have found how fascinating history is.

I am very excited to be in your class. You have much to share and you are so engaging.

It is thrilling to take a class from someone so passionate about his subject. A friend and I both mentioned how interesting your perspective is. Not just battles and generals!

It added a dimension to my understanding that was thrilling. I love these new perspectives

What an incredible perspective on the Civil War

I like the class – you obviously know your stuff and you let people ask questions. I think you’ve done a good job of balancing individual stories and anecdotes with the big picture.

SAM HOUSTON IN HIS OWN WORDS - performed by Steve Chicoine


On Saturday, July 13, 2013, Steve Chicoine interviewed Pacific Theater World War II veterans Dick Cole of Doolittle's Raiders and Wayne Johnson of the Flying Tigers at the Wings of the North AirExpo in Eden Prairie.

Photograph by C.Michael Perkins of a renovated B-25 Bomber at a recent air show. DOOLITTLE'S Raiders flew 16 modified B-25's off the deck of the carrier USS Hornet to bomb Tokyo on April 18, 1942.

On Sunday, July 14, at the AirExpo, Steve talked with European Theater World War II veterans Hiram Mann, an original Tuskegee airman and P-51 RedTail pilot, and B-17 airmen Bob Clemens, Vince Parker and John Scholl.

Sept 2014 Civil War Roundtable

On September 2, 2014, Steve delivered his popular Henry Mack talk to the Central Minnesota Civil War Roundtable in St. Cloud.

Short Audio Clip of Steve Chicoine Speaking About Henry Mack

Steve Chicoine spoke again on the subject of Henry Mack on Friday September 20, 2013 in conjunction with Sumner Library on Minneapolis' North Side.

Steve Chicoine with Redhat Ladies


Steve Chicoine was a recent speaker at our St. Cloud Civil War Roundtable. As an historian, I was deeply impressed with Steve's scholarship, especially the research he has undertaken to present the life story of Henry Mack, a Black veteran of the Civil War who lived to age 107. Mack's saga is at the center of African-American history--a story that Steve tells well.
-Bill Morgan, Professor Emeritus, St. Cloud State University

“Thank you so much for your lively and informative presentation to our Roundtable. I heard many positive comments on your talk ... We are eager to have you back! You are an energetic and engaging speaker. I’m sure the U students love your courses!
- Winn Anderson for the Central Minnesota CW Roundtable

Steve Chicoine spoke on the occasion of Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, at the Minnesota Veterans Home. He presented an address in 2007 at the dedication of the Minnesota World War II Veterans Memorial on the Lawn of the Capitol Building. He has spoken regularly over the years at such events as the World War II History Roundtable and the annual Wings of the North Air Show.

Steve has engaged in interesting discussions over the years with astronauts and space shuttle commanders Duane “Digger” Carey and Curt Brown at the annual Wings of the North Air Expo. The conversation, which begins with the astronaut experience, evolves to impressing upon youth in the audience the magic of math, science and engineering and the rewarding career these fields of study offer.

Chicoine has facilitated numerous veteran sessions over the years in the company of such illustrious individuals as Tuskegee Airmen, World War II bomber crews and Vietnam area top guns. He also has moderated evenings to crowds of several hundred on a broad range of subjects from the clandestine operations of the OSS during World War II to the American liberation of the Nazi camps at the end of the war.

Steve has delivered countless motivational speeches to local youth on the value of a college education and the importance of finding one’s passion, developing a vision and creating a manageable plan for career and life. As Executive Director of Twin Cities Urban Reconciliation Network (TURN), Chicoine spoke several times a week to groups of young people and the underemployed on setting a course.

Steve also has spoken to various professional groups, such as the students at University of St. Thomas Law School under the auspices of The Halloran Center For Ethical Leadership in The Professions.

He has spoken over the years to grade schools, middle schools and high schools. In July 2010, Steve addressed over two hundred high school rising seniors gathered at St. Cloud State for BestPrep, a summer enrichment program focused on keeping promising students of color on track for college. In May 2011, a local high school initiative to mentor young men to college brought in Steve to present his model for life/career planning to over one hundred young men of color. He has traveled as far as the high school on Cass Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota to deliver his message of hope through preparation and planning.

Contact Steve Chicoine via e-mail at

Steve Chicoine has spoken over the years to a wide range of gatherings. He has addressed grade schools, high schools, colleges and law schools. He has spoken numerous times to community groups and veterans gatherings and at historical events. He often speaks on historical matters, particularly within the context of the American Civil War and World War II. The cause of freedom and liberty is a common theme. He has been a motivational speaker in the inner-city on countless occasions, particularly in a faith-based context. He delivered the keynote at a Holocaust Shoah memorial service, facilitated an evening on the liberation of the Nazi camps and spoke at the dedication of a veterans memorial. He has done book signings and radio interviews on both coasts, in the Midwest and in the South. He has entertained gatherings with travelogue presentations utilizing his photographs and drawing on his experiences in the more remote corners of the world. In his corporate career, he delivered formal presentations to large groups of international business executives in such locales as Moscow, Taipei and Bucharest.

Steve Chicoine will be the speaker at Roseville Lutheran Church's 9th Annual Veterans Day observance. Hundreds in attendance. November 11, 2015 (the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month)

Steve Chicoine presented RENEGADES — THE UNCONDITIONAL UNION MEN OF CIVIL WAR TEXAS to the Twin Cities Civil War Round Table on December 15, 2015.