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World War I Veterans

Samuel Legan (left)

photo courtesy of Legan Family

The intent was to follow the book Our Hallowed Ground: The World War II Veterans of Fort Snelling National Cemetery with a second book on World War I Veterans. The following is a sampling from extensive research done for a book yet to be published.

Brent Cunningham, 36th Division

Photo from the Cummins Family Photo Album

36th (Texas) Division, Fort Worth

Photo from the Cummins Family Photo Album

George Mallon

Photo courtesy of Minneapolis History Collection
and Special Collections, Minneapolis Central Library
1877 – 1934
Captain, commanding a company,
132nd Infantry Regiment, 33rd Division
Medal of Honor
First internment in Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Samuel Ransom

1833 – 1970
First Black Collegiate Basketball Player
Lieutenant, 370th Infantry Regiment
Combat Veteran
Early Civil Rights Leader
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John Bowe

1869 – 1954
Spanish American War veteran
Chinese Relief Expedition (Boxer Rebellion)
French Foreign Legion, World War I

Kimon Karelis

1897 – 1957
Greek Immigrant to US
15th MG Bn, 5th Infantry Division
Distinguished Service Cross

George Leach

Colonel, commanding 151st Field Artillery,
42nd Rainbow Division
Distinguished Service Cross
Two-time Mayor of Minneapolis

Raymond Seevers

1897 - 1948
Combat Pilot, 139th Aero Squadron
3 confirmed aerial kills

Darel McKinney

1897 – 1969
6th Regiment (US Marines)
Distinguished Service Cross
Belleau Wood

Bret Bates

1882 – 1945
Rural doctor
Ambulance Company, 35th Division
Distinguished Service Cross

Lt. John P. Rosenwald

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society
Medical Department
151st Field Artillery, 42nd Division
killed in action
Distinguished Service Cross
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